What is the Most Disturbing Mexican Food You Have Ever Had?

There are countless stories of the most horrifying foods in Mexico, from Gringas, Volcanes, and Beetle in flourscent green sauce to the most bizarre dishes that can make a person scream in horror. But the question remains: what was the most disturbing Mexican dish you’ve ever eaten? Let’s take a look at some of these dishes and see what kind of food we can expect to find on Mexican menus.


If you have never had Carnitas, it is time to learn how it’s made and what ingredients go into it. Traditionally, the pork shoulder is used for this dish. While this is the most common cut of pork used, some regions of Mexico cook it with the entire pig. In any case, the dish is still delicious no matter how it is made. Here’s the basic recipe:

First, you need to get the meat. Generally, the meat should be soft and shred easily when it is cooked. Once you have purchased the meat, you’ll need to make sure it is well-seasoned. A simple seasoning mix with garlic is perfect. For the most intense flavor, use large pieces of garlic. You can buy these in the Mexican section of your grocery store.

Carnitas are the most famous dish in Mexico. These spicy, fried pork ribs are a staple of Mexican cuisine. It is similar to American barbecue but contains the same ingredients and preparation method. Besides the meat, carnitas can be a filling for tacos or served as a main dish. You can also serve these dishes with rice and beans.

While you might not be able to resist the meat’s smell, you can make it into a dish that will leave you screamed with horror. You can use a large dutch oven or an iron skillet to prepare the meat. You should use a large dutch oven that is 3 quarts or larger. Once the meat has cooked, shred it with two forks and serve it with chips. Afterwards, you can freeze the shredded meat in a zip-top bag or container. Then, you can reheat it in the same way.


You’ve probably heard of Gringas. But what do they look like? A gringa is basically two large wheat tacos folded over and filled with meat and vegetables, like pineapple or cheese. Another dish that’s both tasty and disturbing is a volcane, which is a type of soft taco with a cheese filling. After colonialism spread bread around the world, the Mexicans used their newfound love of bread to create tortas, or giant sandwiches.

Beetle in a flourscent bright green sauce

The most disturbing Mexican food you have ever had is probably a beetle dipped in a flourscent bright green sauce. Yes, this disgusting food is real. However, most people don’t realize that they are eating a dead animal. While the animal was flightless and had a curved beak, its meal consisted of horseshoe crab eggs.

Cheap and bland Moe’s

The cheapest and most disgusting Mexican food you have ever had comes from a chain that has a long history of poor quality. Moe’s used to serve blue/red, toxic tortilla chips. The restaurant also sold awful slushies made from a frozen margarita machine. The meat and tortillas tasted like they had been through a processing process, and the salad was probably pre-shredded. The Pace picante sauce, meanwhile, was straight from a plastic tub.

The name of Moe’s is a tribute to musicians, outlaws, and entertainers, but the food itself is nothing close to their slogan. The chips are a mess, and the ground beef and pulled pork have no flavor or spiciness. And, while the salsa is tasty, it lacks a bit of kick. Another issue is that the food contains plastic, which makes it difficult to eat.

When it comes to the cheese, Moe’s uses processed cheese, which is not from naturally raised animals. It also contains a chemical called propylene glycol, which can cause throat irritation, backache, and kidney problems. Also, they don’t use any microwaves, which can be dangerous. Instead, they rely on autolyzed yeast extract and hydrolyzed vegetable protein, which contain high levels of glutamate and aspartate. These chemicals are a serious health hazard, especially when taken by pregnant women.

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