What is the Best Mexican Food I Can Eat While Visiting Mexico?

There are many things to try when you visit Mexico. Some of the most popular dishes are Tacos al pastor, Papadzules, Beef barbacoa, and Esquites. While eating in Mexico, you’ll also want to try Mexican candies such as obleas and dulce de tamarindo. Here are some of the best. And don’t forget to try a new dish every night!

Tacos al pastor

When you’re visiting Mexico, don’t miss tacos al pastor! This meaty, pork-filled taco is delicious on any occasion, and is made with flour tortillas, cheese, and grilled pineapple. A rotating trompo is an essential part of this dish, and it’s hard to replicate this technique in your own kitchen. Make sure to order your tacos with homemade salsa!

Another favorite of mine is tacos al pastor, which is similar to shawarma meat in the Middle East. Immigrants from the Ottoman Empire brought the shawarma cooking method to Mexico. They wanted to make shawarma, so they adapted the process to make tacos al pastor. In Puebla, the tacos al pastor are served in pita bread instead of tortillas.

Tacos al pastor are a popular street food in Mexico and are a great way to experience authentic Mexican culture. In fact, this dish originated in Mexico, but has evolved from its Middle Eastern roots. While the name implies that tacos al pastor are made from pork, it is actually a mix of chicken and pork. Taco al pastor is a popular nighttime food in Mexico, so make sure to try it when you visit.

Another great taco dish is barbacoa. Barbacoa is a popular Mexican dish that is traditionally eaten on the weekend. It originated in Puebla, right on the border with Roma Norte. The predecessor of al pastor, tacos al pastor, is tacos arabes, which were first made in Puebla during the late 19th century. Lebanese immigrants brought their shawarma-making tradition with them.


If you are a vegetarian, Papadzules is a must-try dish. These little egg tacos are smothered in a tomato sauce. They are a Yucatan dish adapted from pre-hispanic cultures. The dish is a mashup of tomato sauce and pumpkin seed paste, which is made from Mayan xt’op (pumpkin) and Spanish pepita gruesa (pumpkin seed). Then, the warm corn tortilla is filled with chopped hard-boiled egg and covered with a spicy tomato sauce. Once the tortilla is filled, the sauce is cooked down and the papadzules are ready to eat!

While you’re in Mexico, don’t skip the papadzules. You’ll find these at street carts, markets, and on streets. In Yucatan, you’ll likely come across them in the markets. They’re similar to sopes, but the difference is the thickness of the masa. The tortillas are made with corn flour, which makes them vegan-friendly.

Among other delicious foods in Mexico, you should try the local chapuline grasshoppers. They’re fried on a comal (a flat griddle that’s widely used in the country) and seasoned with garlic, chilies, and lime juice. The resulting dish tastes like a salt-and-vinegar chip, crunchy on the outside and soft inside. The dish is extremely popular in the state of Oaxaca and in the surrounding areas.

Beef barbacoa

Whether you’re planning a trip to Mexico for business or pleasure, you’re sure to enjoy the country’s famous barbacoa. This slow-cooked beef shoulder is seasoned with cumin and chipotle chiles, making it tender and juicy. It complements rice preparations and tortillas perfectly. A perfect choice for a family meal, beef barbacoa is widely available in Mexican restaurants.

To make beef barbacoa at home, follow these simple instructions. The meat can be purchased in whole form or ground and tossed into the steamer. A traditional recipe calls for using avocado leaves, but you can also buy dried ones at Mexican grocers. The banana leaf is the most commonly used leaf in the US, but you can also find it frozen in many Latino and Asian grocery stores. The banana leaves can be used for cooking barbacoa as well. You can also sear the beef first in a skillet with some oil. This is optional, but it makes the beef crispier.

One of the best Mexican foods I can eat while visiting Mexico is beef barbacoa. Traditionally, barbacoa is prepared in a pit over an open fire. The drippings make a broth known as consome. The beef used for barbacoa is often lamb or mutton, but mutton is also used. Goat meat is also occasionally used.


When visiting Mexico, I would suggest a street meal known as esquites. These Mexican snacks are made from corn kernels and are eaten with a spoon. Some add chili powder and broth, while others sprinkle mayonnaise and cotija cheese over them. While there are many variations on this dish, it’s always delicious. Esquites are one of the best Mexican foods I can eat while visiting Mexico!

If you want to sample some of the most authentic Mexican street food, esquites are an excellent choice. This dish is easily portable and incredibly popular. You can find these esquites on every corner in Mexico City and Queretaro. This traditional Mexican street food is a favorite among many travelers, and you can find them at nearly every corner! For a more authentic Mexican meal, try esquites at every stop you visit!

If you visit Mexico and you’re a fan of tequila, don’t miss the local specialty of lime soup, Esquites. It’s a rich broth of chicken, lima Yucatecan (a large lime) and spices. You can also try a bowl of tamales topped with crunchy tortilla strips, which are a staple of the cuisine in Yucatan.


Known as the national dish of Puebla state, pozole is one of the most traditional and delicious dishes to try while in Mexico. Its name comes from the Nahuatl language and means «mixture of corns and maize.» This delicious dish has been around for centuries and is one of the best things to eat while visiting Mexico. You can eat the soup in many variations, depending on what’s in season. Pozole is typically served with tostadas and has been known to be the nation’s signature dish since its beginning.

While most Mexican cuisine isn’t vegan-friendly, a few dishes are. One such dish is menudo, which is made from the stomach of cows. This dish is popular throughout Central America and Mexico and is one of the most authentic foods you can eat while visiting Mexico. It has a slightly rubbery texture, so don’t expect it to melt in your mouth like other meat-based dishes. The main ingredient in this dish is chili powder.

The most authentic Mexican dishes are made with fresh and vibrant ingredients. You will be able to find both classic comfort food and exotic dishes. One of the most popular dishes is tacos, which are unique from other tacos. These tacos are filled with thinly sliced pork and are often served with onions, pineapple, coriander, and coriander leaves. This delicious dish is served in a corn tortilla.


Nopales is a tasty and nutritious vegetable native to Mexico. The name Nopales comes from the Nahuatl language, where it means «cactus stem.» The cactus pad is often cooked into a salad or used in tacos. It is a great source of fiber and water and is inexpensive to buy in Mexico. It is not recommended for children, but can be eaten by adults.

Nopales is a type of green plant derived from the cactus family, and it is delicious! It’s a popular dish throughout the southwest. It’s also very healthy — it contains a great deal of vitamin C, which helps prevent disease. The plant is also very rich in protein, which means it is a good source of energy for your body. Nopales is also a good source of antioxidants.

Chiles en nogada, or stuffed poblano pepper, is a seasonal dish from Puebla. It’s a dish that’s served only during the Mexican Independence Day celebration. Chiles en nogada consists of a giant poblano pepper filled with seasoned ground meat, walnut cream sauce, and parsley. It is delicious and pretty, and the beautiful red peppers give it a festive feel.

Nopales is also the birthplace of pulque, a spicy stew that’s only rivaled by Hidalgo in terms of flavor and quantity. Its stuffed sausage artisans are renowned for producing a variety of unique dishes, including rabbit mixiotes, fava bean patties, blue corn tlayudas, and pork and chilacayota beans.

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