What Do Mexicans Call a Pizza?

Pizza is a food with multiple names in Mexico, so what do Mexicans call it? I’m going to explain some of them here, starting with Chingon. Then I’ll talk about Chingones and La Chingona. Then I’ll explain what Mexicans call a pizza called in English. This article should help you decide! And don’t worry, I’ll explain the pronunciation of all of them too!


A Mexican-friendly restaurant in the US is launching a new fusion cuisine on March 31: a Chingon pizza. This new pizza is topped with fresh jalapeno and proprietary jalapeno-infused pepperoni. The dish is named for a Mexican exclamation that the marketing team uses to attract customers. Although Mexicans use chingon both positively and negatively, there’s no doubt that the term itself has a negative connotation. That’s why the restaurant’s kingpins are borrowing terms from other languages to make their advertising more interesting and fun.

The pizza, which is filled with 90 slices of proprietary pepperoni and diced jalapenos, will be available beginning March 31. But the «Chingona» name has caused controversy, and national Spanish-language radio stations have refused to air the pizza’s commercials due to a concern for bad taste and the potential for fines from the Federal Communications Commission. «This pizza is not for everybody,» said Univision Radio in a statement.

The Spanish-speaking community in particular has been upset by the company’s decision to allow customers to pay for their pizza in Mexican pesos. However, the pizza company has responded with an unusual campaign that has boosted its business by up to 12 percent. The ‘pizza for pesos’ campaign led to a 34 percent increase in sales and is expected to increase by 12 percent. The tactic has sparked a conversation among local Spanish speakers, and a new generation has been born.


A Texas restaurant chain is making a splash with its new «Chingona» pizza, which features 90 pieces of pepperoni infused with jalapeno peppers. The name of the pizza is an oxymoron: «Chingona» means «badass» in Spanish, and the word can also be an insult to a mother. So how do we know if the name is really a good one?

The pizza was created to attract customers in the Spanish speaking community. The ad was a hit, despite its somewhat vulgar pronunciation. The restaurant had originally been called a «chinchon,» but it has since morphed into a more appropriate word. The restaurant has a dedicated website and radio ads, where it features recipes and information. The ad is meant to be fun and memorable, but it also has a double-edged sword: it can make you feel like you’re in Mexico!

The Pizza Patron chain is based in Texas, one of the most Hispanic states in the country. The new pizza will come out on March 31, but it’s already been a controversial topic. Some franchise owners are upset about the name. Some outlets have refused to sell the new pizza. However, many others have refused to sell it. So, while the new pizza is certainly delicious, it’s also bound to spark controversy.

While the company’s «Chingona» pizza is no stranger to controversy, the fact remains that the brand has had a huge impact on the local economy. It has already seen a 12 percent increase in business since March 31, and they expect that the skepticism will continue to persist for some time. But in the meantime, Pizza Patron is reaping the benefits of the PR campaign and its La Chingona pizza.


If Mexican pizzas are like churros, then Chingones are Mexican. The name is a reference to the people who are known for their bravery, as they have the strength to handle spicy food, play music with rattlesnakes, and even live with their mother-in-law for a month. Until recently, only two locations of Domino’s sold the Mexican pizza. Today, more than 20 Domino’s locations in the United States refuse to serve the chingones.

A Dallas-based Mexican-friendly restaurant decided to use a radio advertisement to draw customers by calling their Mexican pizzas «chingones». The radio ad tells customers that they must prove that they are chingones by living with their mother-in-law for a month, making rattle snake music, and living with their grandmother. However, the word chingon means different things to different people. As such, advertisers have to borrow terms from other languages to appeal to different demographics.

The new «Chingona» pizza will go on sale at the end of March. The pizza has 90 slices of proprietary pepperoni infused with jalapenos and diced jalapeno. However, the name has sparked controversy, with some national Spanish-language radio stations refusing to run the commercials because of potential fines from the Federal Communications Commission. Even Univision Radio is boycotting the ads, citing the offensiveness of the «Chingona» name.

The new pizza will also have a special name: «La Chingona.» This word is used in Mexican slang, and means «badass.» While it may be a joke, some people have taken offense to the word. This has made some franchise owners reluctant to add the new pizza to their menu. However, the new pizza is a popular choice among Mexicans and is widely available.

La Chingona

The name of the new Texas chain of pizza restaurants may be an insult to some people, but it means awesome to others. The pizza is topped with ninety jalapeno-infused pepperonis. The company contacted an award-winning Hispanic marketing agency to develop a video to promote the pre-launch of the new pizza chain. They hoped the name would be memorable and catchy, so they opted for a more naughty name for their product.

The slang term «La Chingona» is a term used by Mexicans to refer to pizza. The name translates to «badass,» which is offensive to some people. Many Pizza Patron franchise owners have refused to put the pizza on their menus because of its name. The word is a flamboyant and provocative combination of two words. It’s also the subject of a controversy-filled ad campaign that has some people unsure if it’s a good idea.

In a campaign targeting Mexican immigrants, Pizza Patron launched a Limited Time Offer for a special pepperoni pizza that is supposedly the spicier of the two. The ad campaign included digital, PR, and radio. The limited time offer pizza sold out within half its estimated time. However, it’s not the only new pizza to hit the market. Unlike most pizza restaurants, the new La Chingona pizza is a little spicy, but it tastes delicious and is a great way to attract new customers to the restaurant.

Though some franchise owners don’t like the idea of selling La Chingona pizza, others are embracing the new concept. The new pizza is 50% cheaper than the regular price of $7.99, and will be available at participating Pizza Patron locations on April 5. The company’s executives claim the move has resulted in a «notable increase» in store traffic since March 31. The company says the new pizza is a «clarifying moment» for the brand.

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