Why Isn’t Mexican Food That Great in the US?
Many Americans have misconceptions about what constitutes «authentic» Mexican food. These misconceptions include spice levels, and the fact that most «traditional» Mexican food comes in a hard shell.
How Was Mexican Food 200 Years Ago?
Have you ever wondered what Mexican food was like two hundred years ago? Here are a few examples. Besides meat, Mexican food consisted of amaranth and camotes, which
What Do Mexicans Call a Pizza?
Pizza is a food with multiple names in Mexico, so what do Mexicans call it? I’m going to explain some of them here, starting with Chingon. Then I’ll
Is Mexican Food Overrated?
The truth is, Mexican food is a very healthy choice. It is packed with fresh ingredients from all the major food groups. Mexican dishes are rich and nutritious,
Why Do Americans Say Tamales Plural?
While there are two different words for tamale in English, the two words are very similar. Although the singular is tamal, the plural is tamalli. Nevertheless, many Americans
Mexican Recipes You Can Make Really Well
There are many great dishes you can try making from Mexican cuisine. This country is famous for its bold, spicy flavors and is very easy to prepare. Here
Cultural Influences in Mexican Cuisine
When it comes to preparing a delicious Mexican meal, the influences can be quite extensive. They can range from Mesoamerican ingredients to Spanish cooking techniques. Some of these
What Does Guacamole Translate to in English?
The name guacamole comes from the Classical Nahuatl word ahuacamolli, which translates as «avocado sauce.» In the English language, guacamole simply means avocado sauce. The term comes from
Whats the Difference Between Mexican and Guatemalan Food?
Platanos de mole, arroz con vegetales, cocido and jocon stew are all examples of typical Guatemalan dishes. Besides the basics, there is also a huge difference in flavor
What is the Best Mexican Candy?
If you’re looking for authentic Mexican candy, you’ve come to the right place. Esteban Castillo knows his Mexican candy like the back of his hand. His favorite candies