Battle of the Mexican Hot Sauces – Tapatio Vs Tapato Or Cholula?

If you’re looking for a spicy hot sauce, you may be unsure which brand is best. Tapatio’s popularity has led to it being bought more frequently than any other hot sauce in California. Tapatio has even stopped Cholula from spreading across the West. Meanwhile, Burman’s Hot Sauce is another moderately priced brand often compared to Frank’s RedHot.

El Yucateco Salsa Picante

The first comparison of El Yucateco’s Salsa Picante vs Tapato or Cholula boils down to a question of personal taste. While both have a high amount of heat, El Yucateco’s is drier and milder. Its sweet-spicy flavor comes from habanero peppers, and its tanginess comes from tomatoes. El Yucateco is available in three varieties: green, red, and Caribbean. This sauce goes well on heart of palm, artichoca, or vegan taco pizza.

Both peppers have different heat levels. Cholula’s is milder and uses fewer cayenne peppers. Tapatio is stronger than Cholula, but it is better for dipping and has a more balanced flavor than Cholula’s. Tapatio is milder and works better with Mexican food, whereas El Yucateco is best for dipping and sprinkling on meats.

The difference in heat between El Yucateco Salsa Picante and Tapatio Hot Sauce comes down to personal preference and how intense you prefer your hot sauce. If you want something a little milder than Tapatio, try El Yucateco’s Salsa Picante, but beware of the lower SHUs. El Yucateco’s Salsa Picante is slightly sweeter than Tapatio, but it’s hotter than Tapatio. Cholula has an estimated SHU of 5,790.

While Tapatio and Cholula are the best-known brands, El Yucateco is available only at grocery stores. It is based on red tomatoes, habanero peppers, and fine spices. The spicy fusion sauce is great with seafood, and the extra-hot version is even good in Bloody Mary. El Yucateco is a definite winner, but the competition is fierce.

The two are similar in consistency, but Valentina is the better choice for many people. Its taste is richer than Tapatio’s and has more viscosity. It is also better for pizza. The flavor is more potent, and it can cover more ground beef or chicken. In addition to Mexican foods, it works great on eggs, pizza, and beverages.


TABASCO (r) Brand is the world’s most popular pepper sauce, being sold in 195 countries and used on restaurant tables worldwide. However, Cholula, named for the ancient city of Cholula in Mexico, has been making its mark in the U.S. market. Originally produced by a Mexican, Cholula was first sold in San Antonio, Texas, and expanded nationally throughout the 1990s. It began selling naturally in markets that had a Hispanic or Latin population. It was stocked alongside tortillas, taco mixes, and more.

Both Cholula and Tabasco have unique flavors, but have one thing in common: they both have vinegar as their primary ingredient. Cholula has a more smoky flavor, but Tabasco’s flavor is much stronger. If you’re not a fan of spicy food, Cholula may be more appropriate for you. But either way, the two rival each other in the Mexican hot sauce war.

While the Scoville scale is a good way to compare the heat of different types of foods, there are other factors to consider when choosing which Mexican hot sauce to try. In general, Tabasco is milder, but Cholula is spicier, so it’s recommended for people who prefer a medium heat. However, you should always consult the labels to make sure that the ingredients are not harmful to your health or the environment.

When it comes to heat and flavor, it’s hard to say which is better. The two brands are equally delicious and have their own unique traits. Cholula has a much smoother consistency, but Tabasco has a greater taste. Cholula has a more delicate flavor and is best used for dipping tortillas. The difference between the two isn’t as large as many people think.

After years of competition, Cholula has risen to the top, thanks to its more unique taste. Both brands use pepper seasoning. They also use Tabasco brand products in their popcorn, nuts, olives, and mayonnaise. Both brands offer marinating sauces. Cholula is more popular with consumers, but not as much as Tabasco.


Known as the original hot sauce of Mexico, Tapatio has been making a name for itself with its distinct smoky flavor for more than three centuries. It is made from a mixture of pequin, arbol, and a variety of spices. Both sauces have a hefty amount of heat, and the latter is often used on burgers, tacos, and even grilled corn.

While Tabasco is widely known for its spicy kick, some people are still unsure about the taste of Cholula. Instacart shoppers purchased more Tapatio than any other hot sauce in California, which may have helped prevent Cholula’s spread in the West. Among consumers of Tapatio, Burman’s Hot Sauce draws comparisons to Frank’s RedHot, and it is also widely available at Aldi supermarkets.

If you’re a big fan of hot sauce, Tapatio is the best choice. It is moderately sweet, but tangier than its sister Cholula. It has many uses in Mexican cuisine, particularly in the north. Tapatio is considered the ideal hot sauce for beginners, as it will give you a good idea of what a traditional Picante sauce tastes like.

While Tapatio may be the cheaper option, Cholula has an authentic flavor. The spiciness level is comparable to that of Tabasco. If you’re not a fan of Tapatio, you can try Valentina. While Valentina isn’t as spicy as Tapatio, it will do the trick. It is also not as hate-filled.

Basically, all hot sauces are made with a pepper base, although the flavors vary significantly. The ingredients added and the length of fermentation can make a difference. As with any spice, experimentation is the key to choosing the right hot sauce. Choose a sauce that compliments your dish. For example, Valentina is suited for Mexican dishes, while Slap Ya Mama is made to go with Cuban food.

The two Mexican hot sauces have their own unique styles and characteristics. Depending on the type, both are delicious and can spice up any meal. Tapatio is considered a milder hot sauce, while Cholula is hotter. Both are made from chili peppers. The differences between the two are reflected in the heat level. Tapatio is more traditional, while Cholula is a bit more unique.


Valentina hot sauce is a favorite among many people and is a classic. It is red in color, has a vinegary taste and goes well with just about everything. It is also thicker than typical hot sauces, making it an excellent choice for topping pizza, chips, or popcorn. This hot sauce is made by a family business in Guadalajara, Jalisco, and has a tangy flavor.

If you live on the east coast, you may be familiar with Tabasco, but Louisiana-style sauces have a much more complex flavor. If you want a hot sauce that is as authentic as possible, you might want to try Tapatio instead. While it is more expensive and difficult to find, this hot sauce is worth the search. Despite the similarities between these two sauces, each one has its own unique flavor and is worthy of a try.

While Tapatio has a reputation for being the best, it’s hard to find a good hot sauce that is not loaded with sodium. It’s also worth trying the cheaper Valentina variety, which is also cheap and doesn’t contain the hateful ingredients found in Tapatio. You can find both sauces in many grocery stores and online. When deciding between the two, don’t be afraid to experiment with the flavors of each one to see which one suits you best.

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